Dunkin' R&D Chef Is Honored As Culinary Innovator

CIA Alumnus

Stan Frankenthaler ’84
is the winner of the 2012 MenuMasters Innovator Award from Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) magazine. Frankenthaler is vice president for global product innovation and culinary at Dunkin’ Brands, which includes Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

Frankenthaler has been with Dunkin’ Brands since 2005. Earlier in his career, he worked in the fine dining segment for fellow alumnus Jasper White ’76, who was recently honored by the CIA as a Pioneer of American Cuisine.

According to an article by NRN’s Fern Glazer announcing the award, Frankenthaler “has been credited with raising the bar on food and beverage in the quick-service industry.” Among the successes he developed for Dunkin’ Donuts’ is its DDSmart menu, including multigrain items and egg-white omelets, and a new line of artisan bagels. Innovations for Baskin-Robbins include several new ice cream flavors and one-serving ice cream Cake Bites.

Frankenthaler is the first executive chef in the history of Dunkin’ Brands. To continue to innovate, he now “leads an R&D team of 18 that includes chefs, bakers, beverage specialists and food scientists,” writes Glazer.