The Marriott Pavilion

Marriott Pavilion

Nearly 70 years ago, Frances Roth and Katharine Angell shared a vision for a culinary school that was both audacious and without precedent. Marrying the growing demand from the foodservice industry for skilled chefs and professionals with the needs of returning veterans from WWII, they created the New Haven Restaurant Institute. They firmly believed America could educate great chefs that would rival any in the world. Our current success is predicated on that initial spirited vision, and the CIA has been innovating and changing the culinary landscape ever since.

Starting with a first class of only 50 students, our alumni now number more than 46,000. From a single building in New Haven, we now open doors to learning on three spectacular campuses across the country. But we have not carried the banner of innovation alone. Throughout the CIA’s history we have forged relationships and developed partnership with some of education’s finest minds as well as some of the most forward thinking companies in the foodservice industry. Their generosity and commitment to the mission of the CIA has made it possible for us to flourish as the premier culinary college and as a beacon for industry-wide innovation.

Inspired by their long association with the college, the J. Willard Marriott Foundation has generously provided a significant leadership gift to create the Marriott Pavilion—a 31,000 square foot facility specifically designed to advance culinary education, industry-wide innovation, and the arts.

As a conference center, the facility will be host to the world’s most dynamic exchanges about food, flavor, health, and culture in the world. As a cultural venue, the Pavilion will enhance the scope and educational experience of our students. And as a gathering place, the facility will open its doors to friends and neighbors of the college.